A few more “perfect ten” routines on the men’s side in my book.  Note that four of them come from some of the top Chinese men over the last couple of years, including three from the incredible 2008 men’s Chinese Olympic team.  Looking back at history, routines done by those guys were truly some of the greatest of all time.  Xiao Qin actually did receive a 10.0 E-score from one of the judges for the routine shown below.

Xiao Qin Pommel Horse 2008 Tianjin World Cup

Chen Yibing Rings 2008 Olympics

Li Xiopeng P-Bars 2008 Olympics

Zhang Hongtao Pommel Horse 2009 World Cup

Marian Dragulescu Vault 2004 Olympics


Kohei Uchimura Vault 2010 Japan Cup

Next, a few more of my “perfect ten” routines on the women’s side, including everal of the best vaults ever done.