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Yurchenko Half on Front Pike

For the yurchenko half-on the shoulders are moved from a blocking position in front of the feet to slightly behind the feet. The gymnast is performing an early twist and a quick half turn to get a good amount of air off the table. The gymnast contacts the table with the hands ahead of the shoulders.

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Low Single Rail Early Front Pirouette Drill

Technically correct front pirouettes on the horizontal bar or the uneven bars must be completed by the vertical or even slightly before. Kicking up with an undergrip short of reaching a complete vertical handstand performing a front pirouette and falling over flat in overgrip lend the athlete valuable understanding and experience about how to begin an early pirouette ahead of the body reaching the vertical line.

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Straps Front Giants with Undergrip

During straps training sessions, front giants may be learned with an overgrip. Eventually it is wise to master front giants with an undergrip hand position. The athletes may build up their swings until they bring their bodies up to a handstand support. Observe how the hands are placed in the straps for undergrip swings and front giants.

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