The full turns are performed on the beam following the same technical motions as the floor exercises. The turn is initiated moving the body in one single unit from the head and shoulders to the feet where the back foot not only pushes off the equipment to transfer the body support to the front foot, but also anchors the turning direction during the push off. The Stomach and buttocks are kept tucked in aiming to perform the turn with the body as straight as possible. Making a high front kick before the full turn initiation adds flair and maximizes the skill’s set up. When the full turn is being set up, one arm usually stays in front of the body at chest height or slightly higher and the opposite arm stays on the side or a little further back. To start the skill the arm on the side should never make a jerky swing forward like it was the source creating the whole turn. It should instead flow smoothly toward its turning place often joining the other arm in front or with both arms moving up above the head.

Still Frame 1 – Notice the high kick to enhance general presentation
Still Frame 2 – Observe the body still fairly vertical as the body nears the full turn completion. Notice also the support foot still on releve.
More clips – These are two more fair full turns couppe examples performed by a different athlete. Notice the focus on showing a complete and controlled full turn ending before stepping down from the couppe.