More and more, we are receiving calls and email from clients interested in creating legitimate home training spaces. These days, people aren’t satisfied with a handful of dumbbells and and a pull-up bar. These home warriors are looking for full blown obstacle training setups. Why not? What’s more convenient than being able to walk down in to your basement and rip off a few lachès or a quick few reps on the salmon ladder? While all of these inquiring warriors know they want to do something in their home, many aren’t sure what is possible.

That’s where we come in. Design is one of our specialties and something we provide to every client looking to get their training equipment from us. Home gyms in particular, with ninja or obstacle training, it’s important to have a precise plan or design created to ensure what you want to do will actually work. Homes often have a lot of little obstructions to consider (especially in basements) such as duct work, ceiling fans or the ceiling height itself (don’t worry, we’ve come up with plans in rooms with 8ft ceilings).

Our agNinja product line is quite extensive and has something for most every athlete and every space. After a thorough consult with the client to gain an understanding of their needs and their available space, we begin to work on the detailed 3d plans and determine which obstacles and equipment is most suitable for that client. After some back and forth with the client we present a final design plan and start to prepare for production.

The final phase (my favorite) is seeing it all come together with the installation. While some of our more handy clients opt to take on the task of installing themselves, it is also another service we can provide to make the whole experience truly “turn-key.”

Below is a simple example of a design we created for a recent client who had about 500 square feet available in their basement. It may not sound like much to work with, but we were able to fit in a pretty sweet training setup. Again, you don’t need much – just an open area and a little determination!

Brad Thornton