2013 American Gymnast Holiday Gymnastics Gift GuideWelcome to your gymnastics gift guide for the 2013 holiday season – brought to you by American Gymnast.  Do all your gymnastics shopping this holiday season at http://wwww.american-gymnast.com/shop/Holiday-Gift-Ideas-C89.aspx. 

This video will give you some great ideas for the perfect gift for your little gymnast this holiday season.  We overview 6 different categories of products, showing you our top sellers and significant differences between each of the products that you might be considering.  Stay tuned for more in-depth videos of each category of products too!


The first group of items in our gift guide are our home training bars.

ELITE Kids Uneven BarsELITE Kids Uneven Bars:
This unit is a little over 5′ wide. We recommend a 5’x10′ long mat to go underneath it. The high bar adjusts from 60″ to 75″ high and the low bar adjust from 37″ to 52″ high.


ELITE Kids Horizontal BarELITE Kids Horizontal Bar:
A single bar from the ELITE Kids line of equipment can be purchased as well. Shown is the high bar, which you can purchase either with the steel rail, as shown, for boys or with the laminate rail (as shown on the ELITE Kids Uneven Bars) for girls.  This is the largest line of equipment that we have for home use. It doesn’t have to be anchored in the concrete. ELITE Kids pieces of equipment are all freestanding units.

Junior Bar ProJunior Bar Pro:
The Junior Bar Pro adjusts from 38″ to 59″ inches high. It’s a heavy and stable piece of gymnastics equipment and is great for kids that are working on kips, casts and free-hips.

Junior Kip BarJunior Kip Bar:
The junior kip bar has exactly the same dimensions as the junior bar pro, but is a little bit lighter weight.  The bar adjusts from 38″ to 59″ high. You can weight the base of the bar down by adding extensions to the bottom part of the unit and then adding a sheet of plywood before adding a mat. We have a package deal that provides you with great savings on a combination of the bar along with two mats – a tumbling mat and a practice mat.

Nastia Preschool Training BarPreschool Training Bars
The preschool training bars are lighter weight and a bit smaller and designed for kids ages 2-6 and weighing up to 75 lbs. The Nastia preschool training bar is shown with a 4′ wide x 6′ long mat underneath, which is sold either separately or you can purchase them together as a package deal. This bar is shown with the laminate rail for girls.Boy's Preschool Training Bar

We also have the same preschool bar in lime green with the steel rail for boys.  Both of these preschool bars adjust to 52″ high.



The next group of items in our gift guide are our gymnastics balance beams.

12' Long Low Padded Balance Beam12′ Low Padded Balance Beam
The low padded balance beam is our largest beam for home use at 12′ long. It has a steel core to it, making it suitable for any type of tumbling skills ranging from preschool to advanced level skills. This beam is covered in the same suede as our competition balance beams and has a 4″ wide top surface. The top of the beam is about 12″ off the ground. The space in between the legs of the beam is 10′, so you could use a 10′ long mat to cover this area under the beam.

Junior Balance Beam10′ and 8′ Junior Balance Beams
Our junior beams are made with a wood core and we have two different lengths, 10′ and 8′.  Unique to our Junior Beams is the middle support leg that provides extra strength and stability for our balance beams. The top of this beam is about six inches off the ground.

Nastia 9' Foam Balance Beam9′ Foam Balance Beams
The last set of balance means we have in our gift guide are our 9′ long foam balance beams. These are available in both the Nastia Liukin AG 9' Foam Balance Beampink as well as grey vinyl covering. These are made out of a 2″ thick firm foam, that is actually the same type of foam that’s used on our competition floor exercise. The top of the beam is 4″ wide, and it tapers out to a 6″ wide base, which makes it very stable.


Pommel horse trainers are the next group of items in our gift guide.

Vinyl Training PodVinyl & Tac/10 Training Pods
The vinyl training pod is a new item for this year.  We’ve been selling the Tac/10 pommel trainer for many years, and the two are identical Tac/10 Pommel Trainerexcept for the covering on the tops. The Tac/10 has a very grippy basketball type top covering and provides a great grip for circles and spindles and flares. The vinyl covering is more similar to that found on the pommel horse, and is more forgiving for younger kids just starting out trying to learn circles.

Pommel Pod TrainerPommel Pod Trainer
The pommel pod trainer is a new item as of last year, and has a taller base than the training pods.  The plastic base is hollow and can be filled with sand to make it stable for any size gymnast.


The next line of items that we have in our gift guide are tumbling mats.

Nastia Tumbling Mat - Pink/PurpleStandard Tumbling MatsAG Tumbling Mat - Royal/Lime Green
The Nastia Tumbling Mat is 1.5″ thick and alternates pink and purple panels.  We also offer AG Folding Matsthe same tumbling mat in a blue and lime green color alternating colors, as well as royal blue and rainbow colored. Custom colors can be done upon request, but do take longer to ship. We carry our tumbling mats in different sizes, including 4’x6′, 4’x8′, 5’x10′ and 6’x12′.

Flexi-Roll Home Gymnastics MatFlexi-Roll Home Gymnastics Mats
We added the flexi-roll gymnastics mat to our holiday line-up last year.  This is a great alternative to the tumbling mat.  It uses the exact same foam as tumbling mass, but is covered in carpet instead of in vinyl. This is typically what you will see in many cheerleading and gymnastics gyms across the country and is a great product for gym and home use.  It also offers an advantage because of the way it rolls up, making it more compact to store and offering cheaper shipping.


Motor development mats of the next group of items in our gift guide.

AG Incline Mat - 24"x48"x14"Incline Mats
The 24″x48″x14″ incline mat is intended for preschool ages 2-5 years old that are learning back and front rolls, and/or log rolls. The AG Incline Mat - 36"x72"x16"36″x72″x16″ incline is suitable for gymnasts learning front and back walkovers, cartwheels and handstand forward rolls.  For kids learning back handsprings, you will want to consider the next larger size incline mat, which is 48″x72″x16″.

AG Octagon - 20"x28"Octagons and Logs
Next, you see the octagon. This is a preschool size 20″x28″ octagon and would be good for kids ages 2-4, who are learning front and back walkovers or limbers.  AG Log - 18"x36"The 18″x36″ log is shown next, which is very similar to the octagon, except that it doesn’t have the flat surfaces that the octagon has, so that it rolls a bit easier.

AG Cartwheel MatCartwheel Mat
On one side of the cartwheel mat, we have a straight line screen printed down the middle of the mat.  When you flip it over, you’ll see hands and feet placement screen printed on the other side. The mat is 6′ long and is one of our top sellers every holiday season.


The last group of items in our gift guide are handstand bars and parallettes.

Nastia Liukin Handstand BarHandstand Bar
The Nastia Liukin handstand bar is 47″ long and a couple of inches high.  This bar is great for practicing handstands, pirouettes and can be used with a bungee trainer to practice bouncing up and down to a handstand.

American Gymnast ParallettesParallettes
Our American Gymnast parallettes are sold in pairs and are great not only for handstands and pirouettes, but also for a lot of strength exercises such as L-sits, press to handstands and handstand push-ups.

We hope you enjoyed our gymnastics gift guide for the 2013 holiday season.  For all your gymnastics shopping needs, go to http://wwww.american-gymnast.com/shop/Holiday-Gift-Ideas-C89.aspx.

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