In this gymnastics equipment video we will show you how to adjust the width and the height of your AAI ELITE Parallel Bars.

The parallel bar width can be adjusted by loosening the spin lock and turning the piston so that the gooseneck position changes. The bars will adjust in width from 15” (380 mm) to 26” (650 mm).

To adjust bar height, loosen the spin lock, disengage the snap lock and adjust the piston up or down. Make sure the snap lock is engaged completely and the spin lock is tightened before using the apparatus. The p-bars height adjusts from 65” (1650 mm) to 88-9/16″ (2250 mm) in 50 mm increments. Always adjust all four pistons to the same height.

In order to maintain safe working conditions for the gymnasts, the coach or program director is responsible for performing periodic inspections of the apparatus.  Inspect for loose or damaged fasteners, other damaged parts or parts that have experienced excessive wear.  DO NOT USE damaged equipment.  Contact American Gymnast at 1-877-789-2267 for repair or replacement.

These parallel bars are designed to meet all FIG, NCAA, and USAG requirements for competition.