Recently, I  created a Demo / Used items section under the Specials category of the American Gymnast store.  If you are looking for some particular demo/used item, you also can fill out the form there to request that we notify you should your specific item become available as demo or used.  You’ll want to check this section occasionally to snap up any great deals on various gymnastics equipment and mats.  If you use an RSS reader, you can also subscribe to a feed of these demo products to be instantly notified when a new product is added.

The first two products I added are actually in brand new condition.  They are a custom length (37′ long) roll of 1-3/8″ thick Carpet Bonded Foam, and a roll of Scrim-Backed Foam (also 37′ long).  These 2 items were shipped to a customer, but it was determined they were too short for this customer’s purposes.  Since they are custom length, we have priced them at rock bottom price just to move them out.  A great deal for you!

Trocellen Crosslinked Foam with Scrim – 2″ Thick

Trocellen Crosslinked Foam with Scrim - 2

$449.00 $395.00

Foam Bonded Carpet Roll – 1-3/8″ Thick

Foam Bonded Carpet Roll - 1-3/8

$575.00 $499.00