As soon as the novice gymnasts can perform regular walks across the beam with a fair level of safe proficiency  they can start training different variations to develop posture  balance  and presentation.  Like in this example showing a locked knee with the foot pointing on each step  then showing the walk with the arms up on a crown instead of straight out on the sides.  It is important to always keep the arms vertical.      Both kinds of walks can also be performed in tall releves to increase balance development.  Always focus on keeping a good gymnastics posture with the stomach and buttocks tucked in.  The eyes may keep contact with the apparatus as long as the head is not dropping out of line with the rest of the body.  Eventually the arms positions can be combined during the walks  on each step changing from straight arms out to crown up and vice versa.  The arm motions from one position to the other can be coordinated with the hands  fingers and chin to add flair and elegance to the execution.