We like to work with our customers as much as possible in providing custom solutions to fit their needs. Of course, like most equipment companies, we have our standard options but we understand that this may not be what the customer has in mind. Or perhaps they have a unique situation with their facility that requires some ingenuity with respect to their Ninja course. We do get excited to get creative with our offerings and come up with something fun and unique for our customers.

A recent project with The Agility Center, located in Rockville, MD presented that opportunity to create something a little different than normal. I had my usual consult with our client before beginning the project, and I got the sense pretty quickly they wanted to do something unique. After some discussions on a few different ideas, we came up with a final plan which looked like this:

Katana Framing With Step Ups
3D Snapshot of the course

As you can see, the framing stepped up in height in each section. The client idea was to have the elements increase in difficulty as you move over to a higher section. It really was a pretty cool looking course.

Installation was successful and the final product turned out great. Here are some photos:

Black and Red to Match Their color scheme

Low Bridges and Crazy Wheels
Sea of Poles

We love designing and building new courses so if you are in need of a consult, give us a shout! Or you can email me directly at: Brad@InteractiveSportsZone.com

Brad Thornton