The Frame Bar and Quick Flex Bar are the most popular accessories to attach to your Tumbl Trak.  But, how do you decide which one is best for your gym?  The Frame Bar can be attached to any of the Tumbl Trak brand Tumbl Traks, while the Quick Flex Bar can not be attached to the In-ground Tumbl Trak or Porta Trak.  Watch our product videos and read further descriptions below for more details on each of these essential Tumbl Trak accessories.

The Frame Bar can be mounted to the Tumbl Trak, Inground Tumbl Trak, Xtreme Tumbl Trak, Recreation Tumbl Trak and the Porta Trak. It allows gymnasts to practice a variety of bar skills including handstand skills, uprises and several release moves. The Frame Bar easily attaches and detaches with steel knobs (no hardware required).

The Quick Flex Bar is designed to attach only to the Tumbl Trak, Xtreme Tumbl Trak and Recreation Tumbl Trak, and is a great alternative to the Frame Bar.  Its foam covered strap is soft and friendly for improper landings. The bracket has been completely re-designed for tightened attachment to the Tumbl Trak.

The Quick Flex Bar allows for lots of repetitions while learning to hit a handstand with proper technique. Develop a stronger cast handstand, proper back uprise handstand, and a technically sound front giant by bouncing off the stomach.  Bouncing from the back allows the gymnast to train back giants and release skills such as Tkatchevs.  Gymnasts will often hit their heels on the bar when learning a Tkatchev, so the softness of the Quick Flex Bar enables gymnasts to practice this and other release skills without the fear of the pain normally associated with hitting the bar.