Since the release of our GymABstics program, thousands of people seeking something different with their workouts were introduced to what I believe to be the most effective form of getting to the highest fitness level – bodyweight training. You might want to check this fit track scale reviews if you want to care you weight with health goals, FitTrack scales are simple and effective solution to stay motivated.

GymABstics was created by gymnasts Jay and Andy Thornton, and some experts from Lone Godbersen, for the purpose of educating those not familiar with gymnastics based training on how easy it is to get an intense workout without the use of any equipment. The program takes you through 6 months of bodyweight only exercises focusing on gymnastics movements and starts at a beginner level and works up to advanced workouts. We received a lot of positive feedback from our GymABstics program and helped many people achieve some long awaited fitness goals.

After the release of our program, we also started creating some short video tips on YouTube on bodyweight strength elements on various pieces of gymnastics training equipment such as the rings and parallettes. Viewers seems very interested in this content and asked many questions on various techniques and also requested to see more.

I decided to take a it a little further and created a Ring Strength Fitness Guide that demonstrated beginner through advanced strength elements with a focus on proper technique. I also put the guide in video form which has gained almost 53,000 views. You can check out this video below:

So, the combination of a successful GymABstics program and the demand for more tutorials on the gymnastics movements on rings and parallettes inspired us to take the GymABstics program further.

As I mentioned before, the 6 months of the program focused completely on movements that were done without using any equipment. We thought it fitting to build on this and develop the second 6 months of GymABstics, incorporating the two basic pieces of equipment that are very popular with gymnastics home use training – the parallettes and rings.

I get approached all the time from athletes curious about gymnastics training who want to be able to do L sits or press handstands or an iron cross on rings. People are intrigued by the strength that gymnasts possess and want to know how they can get there too. The new GymABstics program will do just that. It will build on top of the strength that has been developed from the first program and start to incorporate skills and training on the parallettes and rings that will help to acquire some of those gymnastics elements you never thought you would be able to do. You can expect the workouts to be high intensity, creative and fun!

The second 6 months of GymABstics is in the works and we are very excited about it. Why are we telling you about it now. Well, since the second program builds on the first, it gives you an opportunity to get started on your training if you haven’t completed the first 6 months. Also, as I mentioned, the second 6 months will incorporate the parallettes and the rings, so you will have some time to get those and get acquainted with them. Both of them include an electronic training guide to help you understand some of the basics and get you started.

So, get ready! GymABstics Volume 2 is coming soon!

Brad Thornton

Strength & Fitness Team Lead