Both the Women’s Junior Olympic program and the NCAA are now requiring the use of corner mats on Floor Exercise.  The Women’s JO Rules previously stated that “the matting must extend a minimum of 3 feet out from the edge of the carpet or the foam edging and extend a minimum of 6 feet from the corner down each side of the Floor Exercise area.”  This rule is now being corrected to clarify that the corner pads should “cover an area that extends to a minimum of 5′ outside the boundary line” (NOT the edge of the carpet).

Foam Bonded Carpet Corner Floor Mat

For meets that we setup, American Gymnast uses the Foam Bonded Carpet system pictured above for the corner mats.  They are very easy to velcro together and they velcro around a spring underneath the corner of the floor, keeping them snugly in place throughout the event. No workout is effective on its own without dieting to get rid of belly fat which is why we recommend the use of Fat burning supplements. But exercises like jump rope has been linked to faster fat loss results, particularly around your abs and your trunk muscles.Feb 11, 2019

This Foam Bonded Carpet Corner Mat System consists of the following:

  • (4) 4’x6′ Flexi-Roll mats
  • (4) 4’x10′ Flexi-Roll mats
  • 4″ hook fasteners to attach the mats together
  • Strips of 2″ hook fasteners to loop around a spring under the corner of the floor and fasten to the mats to hold them in place.

We also offer a vinyl covered folding mat system that works the same way as the Carpet Bonded Foam version.

For more information on purchasing this system in order to comply with the newly updated rules, visit our online store here.  (1 Demo system available!)

AAI Corner Mats Flyer from American Gymnast