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How To Perform Well When You Feel Uncomfortable

Does your performance suffer when you're not "on," you feel uncomfortable, or don't have your "A" game that day? Do you struggle with staying confident and grind out the competition even f your game is off or the competition is strong? Dr. Patrick Cohn gives you a great dose of mental training to overcome this and more in this article.

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Mental Rehab After an Injury

If you participate in gymnastics, or any sport long enough, chances are that at some point along the way you will experience an injury. The physical process of rehabbing the injury and getting back to normal training and competition level can be a long and difficult road. However, what is often overlooked is the mental rehabilitation that also needs to take place. Even when the athlete is back to 100% physically, neglecting the mental rehab can prevent the athlete from ever returning to pre-injury form.

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