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Gabby's Bars and Amanars…A Few Routines You Might Have Missed From The American Cup

Gabby Douglas Bars 2012 American Cup     D-score: 6.5 E-score: 9.133 Total: 15.633   Huge routine for Gabby!  She has added the piked Tcatchev out of the elgrip endo [...]

Some Random Thoughts On The Women's American Cup

The USA women have become unstoppable on vault.  Three consecutive world champions and now Amanars coming out of the woodwork.  I’m stunned at how they have mastered this vault, and [...]

Is Winning the American Cup in the Olympic Year a Good Omen?

American Cup Champions In Olympic Years Year Men’s Champion Women’s Champion 1976 Bart Conner (USA) Nadia Comaneci (ROM) 1980 Kurt Thomas (USA) Tracee Talavera (USA) 1984 Peter Vidmar (USA) Mary [...]

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