In this gymnastics equipment video we will show you how to adjust the base and the pommels of your AAI ELITE Pommel Horse.

The ELITE Pommel Horse can be adjusted in 50mm increments from 950mm to 1350mm. The FIG competition setting for pommel horse is 1150mm.

To adjust the height of the horse, loosen both spinlocks, release the snaplocks and lift or lower the horse to the desired height. Make sure the snaplocks are engaged and the spinlocks are tightened securely before each use of the horse.

To adjust the pommels, loosen the ball handle from the underside of the pommel horse and slide the pommel to the desired width.  The pommel should slide along the 1/2″ x 5″ bolt.  Once in position, securely tighten the ball handle.

[callout title=AAI ELITE Pommel Horse]ELITE Pommel Horse
ELITE Pommel Horse

$3,280.00[/callout]Never use this apparatus without the proper safety mats.  FIG recommends 10cm mats for all pommel horse work.

Periodically check the pommel horse to make sure attachments are tight and there is no damage to the equipment.  If needed, contact American Gymnast at 1-877-789-2267 for replacement parts or for repairs.

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