Pommel Pod TrainerWe have just added an all-new Pommel Pod Trainer to our product line.  Right off, you’ll notice the new unique design that gives you the benefit of a taller pedestal-style mushroom while keeping the durable, light-weight benefit of the dome style pommel trainers.

With the taller base to the new Pommel Pod Trainer, your gymnasts should find it easier to begin their circles with a straighter body-line instead of having to lean over in a piked position as is typically seen with the shorter pommel trainers.

Pommel Pod Trainer Base

Fill Base with Sand

The base is constructed using a LEP material, making it lightweight, durable and economical to ship. A 3″ cap found in the bottom of the base can be removed to allow the addition of sand as needed to weight the base down.  The gymnast shown in the video below is approximately 120-130 lbs.  A 50 lb bag of sand was added to the base for this illustration, and as you can see, it is rock-solid!

The Pommel Pod Trainers are now available for sale and can be ordered from American Gymnast at http://wwww.american-gymnast.com/shop/Pommel-Pod-Trainer-P492C132.aspx


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