Swinging both arms tilted to one side and twisting the body on that direction as if the gymnasts were trying to look over their shoulder to see where their body is going instead of keeping it square is another common back handspring mistake.  Barrel back handsprings may help the gymnasts to work out the problem emphasizing to feel their backs landing on the barrell square and without turning the head sideways.  / Also training back handspring set ups with a spot can help to solve the problem.   /Double bouncing forward to begin the back handspring does not add any significant power.  It complicates the skill and detracts the gymnasts mind from focusing on the correct body motions to accomplish the skill.  In this slow motion replay notice several other mistakes such as elbows bent when the arms swing and when the hands touch floor  and of course there was no blocking and arms repulsion.   /Coaches must always search for and apply a variety of drills to enrich the gymnasts learning process  increase their growing body awareness  and their skills’ execution mastery.