Already this weekend, we started seeing a surge in orders for our Holiday Gymnastics Equipment and Mats, and we haven’t even really started all of our promotions yet!  I thought I’d better let all of our American Gymnast followers know about our specials this season so you have as much advance notice as possible to act on these deals.  Similar to last year, we are stocking up on the entire Nastia Liukin Signature line of Equipment and Mats, several types of Balance Beams for Home Use, Tumbling Mats, Junior Training Bars, Cartwheel Mats and Pommel Horse Training Pods.  Here’s a summary of our Holiday Deals:

Nastia Signature Line of Equipment and Mats:

Nastia Liukin  Junior Training Bar Nastia Liukin  Tumbling Mat Nastia Liukin  Handstand Bar
Jr. Training Bar Pink Tumbling Mats Handstand Bar
Holiday Price $450 Holiday Price $149 and up Holiday Price $129
Nastia Liukin  Junior Balance Beam Nastia Liukin Pink  Cartwheel Mat Nastia Liukin Pink  Foam Balance Beam
8′ Jr Balance Beam Pink Cartwheel Mat Pink Foam Balance Beam
Holiday Price $215 Holiday Price $47 Holiday Price $111

American Gymnast Tumbling Mats:

American Gymnast Tumbling MatsStandard Tumbling Mats – 1-1/2″ thick >>

Elite Tumbling Mats – 2-1/2″ thick >>

In addition to the Nastia Folding Mats, we have also stocked up on 2 different size American Gymnast Tumbling Mats (4’x8′ and 5’x10′), available in 2 different thicknesses (Standard – 1-1/2″ and Elite – 2-1/2″), and in 2 different colors (Blue and Rainbow).  Holiday pricing starts at $149 for the 1-1/2″ thick Folding Mat and at $250 for the 2-1/2″ thick Folding Mat.

American Gymnast Balance Beams for Home:

12' Low Padded Balance Beam 10' Junior Balance Beam 8' Junior Balance Beam 9' Foam Balance Beam
12′ Low Padded Balance Beam 10′ Junior Balance Beam 8′ Junior Balance Beam 9′ Foam Balance Beam
Holiday Price $580 Holiday Price $280 Holiday Price $208 Holiday Price $111

If you need help deciding which one of these balance beams will best suit your particular needs for home, be sure to watch our video on How to Choose the Best Balance Beam for Home Use.  This video goes into a lot more detail about the exact differences between each of the above balance beams.

More Gymnastics Equipment and Gymnastics Mats:

Tac/10 Pommel  Trainer Junior Bar Landing  Mat Blue Cartwheel  Mat
Tac/10 Pommel Trainer Junior Bar Landing Mat Blue Cartwheel Mat
Holiday Price $308 Holiday Price $312 Holiday Price $47

Production on all of the inventory above is complete for the Holidays.  So, as of right now, all of the above items are in-stock and ship out within 1-2 business days of you placing your order.  However, THESE ITEMS WILL RUN OUT OF STOCK as we get closer and closer to Christmas, so be sure to get your order in early to insure that you get one of these deals before they’re gone.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season this year!

God Bless!

Jay Thornton