The AirBag S by American AirTrack Factory is one of our more exciting innovations. This versatile training tool is there to help you back down safely. It’s the small version of our larger built-in AirBags and can be placed anywhere in your gym. What is it that makes this new equipment so smart and how is it beneficial for your gym? Let us explain.

First and foremost the most important and predictable argument is that it is soft. But like all our equipment, it is soft in a smart way. A simple pressure regulation system was built in so that gymnasts or coaches can easily alter the internal pressure. Very soft for nice back landings, getting rid of that fear barrier and helping the athlete to get comfortable with their movements. Secondly, somewhere in between soft and firm, to get more comfortable with upright landings without losing that safety for when things don’t go as planned. Then there’s the most firm option which allows you to stand up your landings, taking you one step closer to landing on solid mat. This variety in pressure makes learning new skills more pleasurable and less frightening.


Secondly, the AirBag S is portable. Like any other piece of American AirTrack Factory equipment, it is small in storage and lightweight compared to your large resi mats. This means that it can be easily moved around the gym, creating a very versatile landing mat. Use this AirBag behind Vault, at the end of beam or a tumbltrak for dismounts, or on the floor for tumbling skills. The AirBag S is not only ideal for the specialized gymnastics facilities but also for clubs who train in gymnasiums where foam block pits are not an option!

Of course, there is also the benefit of it being able to deflate, making it about 10% of its original size. This is ideal for clubs that have limited storage or clubs who do not want a permanent set up. simply switch off the blower, roll it up and store it. That’s all there is to it!


Lastly, the AirBag has been developed with and tested by elite athletes and coaches. These athletes know what they like and more importantly, know what makes their training more fun, efficient and safe. They have helped with the placement of additional Velcro to make your AirBag easily connectible with an AirTrack by AirTrack Factory, safety lines and the softness and friction-free top sheets. This knowledge combined with the air-expertise of American AirTrack Factory make this product something that we are proud to stand behind.

As with all our equipment, we are constantly innovating and evolving the equipment to make it even better for its users. Do you have an idea that would make our equipment better? Let us know!