Train Smart. Compete Hard! That’s the new slogan for American Gymnast!  We are committed to providing the best (and most) training and product information to help our customers make the most intelligent decisions regarding their day-to-day gymnastics training, competing, and purchasing.

To accomplish this mission, we have completely re-designed the American Gymnast web site, as well as incorporated some exciting new products and services.  Let us know what you think about the new design in the comments below.

Here’s What’s New!

  1. Design
    • Skin – Obviously, the skin of the web site is brand new!  We have gone to what we feel is a clean, bold and crisp design that not only allows us to highlight the AG brand, but also allows us to really accentuate what we want to showcase throughout the site with the selected use of color.
    • Home Page – the home page has been completely re-worked.  This page will now highlight all of the major assets of American Gymnast, including Featured Products and Specials, Latest Blogs and Updates from the AG Training Center, as well as our latest YouTube videos, Twitter posts and Facebook Fan Page subscribers.
  2. Information & Interaction
    • AG Training Center (AGTC) – We have combined our Blog and former AG Training Center articles and moved them over to the WordPress platform.  This will allow us to really take advantage of the RSS feeds to provide some cool new features throughout the shopping portion of the site that you’ll begin seeing soon.  Multiple RSS feeds throughout AGTC will also allow our visitors to pick exactly the topics on which they want to be regularly updated.
    • Ask AG – we have incorporated a direct way for fans, parents, gymnasts or anyone in the gymnastics community, to ask those questions they really want to know about the sport of gymnastics.  Whether you have a question about gymnastics products, training and competing as an elite gymnast, or just about the sport of gymnastics in general, Ask AG gives you a direct way to get the answers to your questions.
  3. Customer Service
    • AG HelpDesk – We now have incorporated a HelpDesk ticket system for our customers so that we can make sure every issue is accounted for and properly handled.  HelpDesk tickets will be automatically routed to the appropriate person so that they are handled most efficiently.
    • AG Customer Support Staff – Customer Service is our highest priority.  As we have grown, we have felt the growing pains of servicing more and more customers.  To stay on top of that, we have brought on Customer Service staff to give our customers top-notch assistance with all of your order needs.

AG Premier

In the coming weeks, American Gymnast will be releasing a brand new program entitled AG Premier – a service for Gym Club Owners, Gym Managers and Coaches. The upgrade and new features listed above were done in preparation for the launch of this new program.

Check back with American Gymnast for more details on the debut of AG Premier.

Jay Thornton
American Gymnast
Train Smart. Compete Hard!