On the next few clips a different gymnast offers examples of some of those basic back handspring mistakes already mentioned.    /Undercut with poor blocking repulsion and pike turn over.  /A much longer and nice back handspring example with good hands to feet turn over.   /Second flying phase example with an incorrect pike turnover.  /Much better hollow body turnover   /Deep squat with very poor blocking and arms repulsion.  /Still 3/  Deep squats slow down and weaken the jumping power.    /Though it looks somewhat better still the power damaging  mistakes must be adressed and corrected.    /Deep squat and undercut. A  Much better slight bent knees power jump and a longer handspring.    / Another undercut example.  / Deep squat and no arms block or quick repulsion.    /Still1/ Squat.    Still2/ the body is to far pass the vertical to block off the floor with effective arms repulsion and hollow turn over.    Still/ Due to technical mistakes the legs are coming down but the body has not moved up for effective follow up connections tumbling.   /Check this much better second flying phase turn over.    Still 1/ Preparation.    Still2/  Tight arch first flying phase.    Still 3/  Deep hollow second flying phase.