The first dynamic step in straps training is learning how to progressively increase the basic swing amplitude.  The hollow to tight arch motions to execute a tap while moving through the bottom are similar to the regular swings with straps  but wearing the straps correctly the gymnasts can afford very big back and forth swings without any fear of ripping off the bar.  One difference between regular swings and strap swings that the gymnast must be made aware of is that with the straps on there is no need to regrasp at the peak of each back swing  because the straps prevent the hands from sliding out of a good grip while swinging back and forth.  Once the gymnasts return to regular swings with straps  they must regrip at the peak of each back swing or they can rip off the bar easily.  Also during all strap training it is very important to keep the arms straight.  since the gymnast can not jump off the bar to bail out of a problem keeping the arms straight and having a tight body makes the athlete swing in the opposite direction if a skill is not completed.  if the arms bent close to a handstand or the body ges loose the gymnast may be unable to avoid collapsing down on the bar.  4th clip  Take another look at the gymnasts hand at the peak of the back swing and notice how the athlete is not performing any kind of obvious regrasping to begin swinging down again.  Training on the strapss allows the gymnasts to concentrate on good body positions  technical motions  and powerful taps without holding back on the swings amplitude.