Straps training is another great tool to introduce and refine many uneven and horizontal bar skills.  Coaches must teach their gymnasts how to use the straps correctly and in a safe manner.  These clips are examples of the proper straps and hands placement to train over grip skills.  Notice how the hands after going through the strap loop grab the bar on the inside of the hanging straps.  2nd clip  Look very caferul here at the right way to hang the straps over the bar before the hands go through.  3rd clip 4th clip  Observe again the gymnast straps preparation and placement to train overgrip skills.  It is extremely important that a gymnast never attempts to perform any skill with straps that are too loose and not holding his wrists firmly  mainly because in such circumstances his hands can easily slip off the bar and out of the strap loops with potential for a serious rip off the bar accident.  Until the gymnasts are very familiar with straps training and safety procedures coaches must carefully supervise the athletes making use of this excellent learning device.