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Do a Handstand and Win $75 Gift Certificate to American Gymnast

National Gymnastics Day is coming this Saturday 9/17 and 2011 is the Year of the Handstand. Upload picture(s) of your handstand to our Facebook page and we're going to give away a $75 Gift Certificate to the American Gymnast online store to one lucky winner! Winner will be chosen on 9/19/11.

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Low Single Rail Straddle Cast Handstand Drill

This low single rail drill helps gymnasts understand how to cast to a handstand with straddled legs. Beginning from a hollow prone support the gymnast moves down to a tight arch, and from there quickly snaps the hips up, aiming to bring the body weight on top of the arm support without letting the legs come down too much.

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Developing a Rock-Solid Handstand

The handstand is the most fundamental and crucial element in all of gymnastics. It's body position can be seen in elements done on every single apparatus in the sport. The development of a gymnast's handstand is generally started at the very earliest stages of recreational levels, but gymnasts should continually train and refine their position throughout their entire career.

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