I’m happy to say I finally finished our video containing a large number (61 to be exact) of medicine ball exercises you can do at home. The video is meant to show you some exercises you may not be familiar with as well as the proper technique for each one. Choose a subgroup of exercises from the master list and do about 3 to 5 sets for each exercise, with 15 seconds rest between each giving you about a 30 minute workout. It will probably require at least 9 different exercises. So maybe try to break it up in to 3 groups of 3. Rotate between the first group of three doing 3 to 5 sets (I usually stick with 5) for each exercise. Then move on to your next group of three and so on. If you need to add a few more at the end, then go for it! If you power through it, you will get a phenomenal workout, I guarantee it! Mix it up and you can get many different workouts out of this group of exercises. In case your routine goal is to drop some pounds you can combine it with one of the best appetite suppressants to help your diet.

The names of the exercises on the video coincide with a list in a Training Guide (with descriptions) in PDF format I put together. The guide also contains a workout tracker so you can keep up with your progress during your training. You can download the free guide here: http://wwww.american-gymnast.com/shop/Medicine-Ball-Training-Guide–P1095.aspx

Hope you enjoy the video and get some great workout ideas. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at brad@american-gymnast.com