Another season of American Ninja Warrior is winding down and it’s popularity is bigger than ever. It’s easy to see why, right? You have people of all ages, each with an interesting backstory, competing on the same course. Where else can you see a 20 year-old female, former gymnast compete against a 50 year old male chef who survived a major head injury? It really is TV gold. While the stories of these competitors are intriguing, the athleticism shown is far more fascinating in my opinion.

It’s hard to fully appreciate what these athletes do until you experience it yourself. My brother Jay and I decided we would do just that. We committed to trying out for the show and start ninja warrior training. Both of us being former gymnasts, we figured we would adapt fairly quickly to this new sport. We found a nearby training facility and found out quickly it was going to be more challenging than we anticipated. While the gymnastics background helped us with a lot of the movements, there were still many elements to it that were foreign to our bodies. It was comical after our first training session seeing both of us propped up on the couch with ice packs on knees and shoulders.

We never did get our phone call for the show, however, we experienced this fairly new form of training that we fell in love with. It was like training for competitive gymnastics again but in an incredibly unique and fun way. We both still do a lot of strength training these days, yet we found that adding ninja warrior training to our daily routines gave us something we weren’t getting from our normal workouts. It opened our eyes as to how great this would be in gymnastics facilities.

After our experience, we were determined to find a way to be able to provide Ninja Warrior obstacles to any of our customers who may be interested. After doing some research and speaking to a few companies, we are now able to make that happen. Everything from the warped wall to the spinning log, it can be brought to life in your in your gym.

Why consider Ninja Warrior in your gym? Outside of the enormous popularity of it right now, it’s simply a fun and beneficial way to develop motor skills, balance, coordination and strength. It’s also a separate service you can offer in your gym so it’s an additional revenue stream for your business. You are offering something that a 35 year old guy like me, for example, will gladly come pay $100 a month to use. Ninja warrior is especially appealing to the youth male so it’s a great reach this demographic and get them in your gym.

We also have the ability to provide conceptual ninja warrior designs with our 3D Design services. We have had more and more gyms ask us about ninja warrior and want to see this included in their new facility. We’ve even seen gyms add on to current facilities strictly for the purpose of obstacle training. Here are a few examples of what some these designs look like:




Of course, each setup can be custom configured to fit your facility.

You can even start off small and purchase mini ninja warrior style obstacles for your rec kids with these safe, mat-style obstacles:


If you would like to receive more info or a consultation on the space you have available in your gym, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Brad Thornton

Lead Designer