Obstacle training is one of the most fun and unique ways of working out. It completely takes the monotony out of the everyday gym visit and adds that element of excitement and variety. This is the ultimate motivator, right? If you actually look forward to training and getting exercise, then you will obviously be much more inclined to include it in the daily routine. Pretty simple!  Finding new routines or different ways of working out really is a struggle for some people so they simply stick with what they know. Frankly, that gets boring. Adding a good diet routine and supplements to your exercise is what is making it fun, imagining what you are going to eat and drink in a day and feel good about it. Supplements like sarms with the help of sarms adviser for a good results. In short, we want to feel healthy and at the same time feel happy about it.

Our elements that we design aren’t just for those looking to be a Ninja Warrior. We have worked with many fitness facilities in identifying a variety of our obstacles that will work well for their needs. A salmon ladder, for example, is so much more fun than doing a set of pull-ups. Gyms are seeing that these type obstacles are an attraction and people want to try them. This means more business.

Some gyms are limited in space but still want to incorporate these fun elements. So, we have to look for ways of taking our favorite strength obstacles and making them more space friendly. The Revolver is a perfect example of that. This is one of my favorite obstacles that we have but it does require about a 6′ x 10′ footprint. So, for those lacking the floor space for a rig, we turned the revolver in to a stationary element that requires minimal space. We call it the Infinity Revolver

With a few modifications to the original beautiful design, we turned the revolver in to a stationary element that can be mounted to a wall or to an existing frame. Now, number of rotations becomes the challenge. You can also mix up the way it is used by changing the direction you are facing or the way you rotate the revolver (hand over hand or hopping to rungs). Go head to head with others and create fun challenges. In addition, we can also customize the colors of each of the individual components of this obstacle, giving it a cool look that matches your branding.

The Infinity Revolver made its debut in 3 of the Ninja Nation facilities and has been a big hit. Check out more on this element here.

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Brad Thornton