A few years back, after thousands of hours of work, we released the first version of our 3D Gym Design Software. We were thrilled with the finished product and excited to get it out to our customers. While the first version offered a number of unique features, like any version 1 applications, we recognized some areas that needed improving. Over the past few years we have been compiling a list of enhancements we’d like to implement based on feedback from you guys as well as from our own personal experiences. We have so many ideas for this software that we are excited about, but for the short term, we have honed in on a manageable list of updates to allow us to have something ready to go by year end. Here is what you can expect in the new version:
  • Overhaul the internal architecture and main components of the original 3D Gym Designer V1. Meaning: The software will now be a quick download requiring little space to run it. It’s weight will go from 5GB to 100MBs so most any computer out there can run this application! It’s speed will increase substantially, creating a much better overall user experience
  • Design all content to be dynamic. All items are downloaded on demand by the user. Meaning: This will allow the platform to scale in terms of content without the need to submit updates and without oversizing the user’s local disk space. 
  • Overhaul UI/UX of the App. Create new branding for AG. Meaning: A fresh new look, enhanced graphics and an overall better user experience
  • Improve visual look and feel of the 3D models. Meaning: Equipment will look amazing!
  • Equipment search feature. Meaning: Type in the piece of equipment you are looking for and, voila! 
  • In 3D Gym Design V1 we were using the file type .3dgymdesign to save user’s design. We will totally redesign this way of saving. Our plan is to have the new Save system be the same as Google Docs/Spreadsheets/Slides. From a User point of view there is no save, everything is saving in runtime on the server. Meaning: You won’t lose any work and it is always available in the cloud to access from any computer!
  • Many more keyboard shortcuts

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new features

Enhanced Graphics


Easier to Use Maintenance Feature

3d Gym Design 2

Search Feature


Type In Position/Rotation/Scale Feature


We are excited about version 2 and hope to have it ready to go by January 1st!

Brad Thornton

COO/Co-Owner/Lead Designer

Interactive Sports Group