In this gymnastics equipment video from American Gymnast, we show you how to set up your AAI Elite Vault Table from start to finish.

Your Vault Table should arrive in 3 packages:

  • #407528, 407543, 407552 Infinity Vault Surface (Qty. 1)
  • #407546 CFS Vault Base (Qty. 1)
  • #0074860 Parts Bag (Qty. 1)

You will need a 9/16” wrench or socket for assembly


  1. Remove all parts from the packing containers.
  2. Refer to the illustration on the previous page and the drawing on this page for help in assembly.
  3. Place the Infinity Base (item 2) on a hard, flat, level surface.
  4. Place the FIG Infinity Surface (item 1) on the base as show in the illustration.
  5. Align the holes. The parts bag should include eight 3/8-16 bolts, eight 3/8 lock washers and eight 3/8 washers. Place a lock washer and then the standard washer on each of the 3/8-16 bolts insert through the slot into the surface and tighten using the 9/16 wrench.
  6. Turn the Spinlock (larger smooth handle) to the left to loosen.
  7. Pull the Snaplock (smaller smooth handle) out. If it is difficult to pull the Snaplock out, push down while pulling out. Adjust the unit up and down by putting and equal amount of force on the Snaplock and the handle on the opposite side. When trying to raise the unit do not exert an excessive amount of force. Allow the constant force springs to assist you. You cannot raise it any faster than the springs will allow.
  8. The Snaplock will make an audible click when it is engaged in a hole.
  9. Tighten the Spinlock securely by turning to the right.
  10. Leveling the Vault Surface can be done by adjusting the Foot Pads. There is an adjustable Foot Pads on each corner of the base.

The FIG Vaulting Table is designed for use in men’s or women’s vaulting events.

The height of this vaulting surface can be adjusted in 50mm increments, from 950mm (37-3/8”) to 1350mm (53-1/8”).

To adjust the height of the vaulting surface, loosen the spinlock, release the snaplock and raise or lower the vaulting surface to the desired height. The height is shown through the window on the base.

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