More recent Pavlova videos!

The last time we saw Pavlova during her comeback she launched this year was at the Russian Championships in March, where she looked to be still in excellent physical shape and able to do many of her top skills.  She had a long way to go back then to get herself into world championship form on the powerful Russian team, but it certainly did look promising.  She was even competing her DTY on vault, a triple full and double pike on floor, her typical bar skills (minus the dismount), and most of her skills on beam, albeit not nearly as sharp as we typically see from her.  Given how fit she looked, I figured a few more months would give her enough time to challenge for a spot on the team for Rotterdam.

Keep in mind this competition from Albertville was only a couple of months after the Russian Championships.  Judge for yourself how she’s coming along…

Anna Pavlova Beam 2010 Albertville

Anna Pavlova Bars 2010 Albertville

Anna Pavlova Floor 2010 Albertville (1st half)

Anna Pavlova Floor 2010 Albertville (2nd half)

Anna Pavlova Vault 2010 Albertville

Well…I’m not too sure about this year for her.  I’ve seen her get herself into amazing shape very quickly, but I don’t know…she looks awfully far from where she needs to be to help out the Russian team right now.  In fact I almost think she looked a little better a couple of months ago!  Her legs look to have no strength at this competition…perhaps she took a couple of steps backward in terms of her knee?  Beam actually looked promising at the beginning of the routine – a little more steady and confident than we saw in March – but then it kind of died down.  Not to mention the fact that she’s still not doing dismounts here.  And her handstands on bars were DEFINITELY better, but obviously she took out the Yaeger and the dismount…still not nearly enough difficulty to be really competitive even if it’s done perfectly.

Anyone else have any updates on her???  I don’t know…I was definitely hoping and expecting her to be further along than this based on what I saw in March.  But you never know, someone with her talent and with two Olympics behind her may be able to pull it off…and I know TONS of fans would love to see her do it.