Catalina Ponor Vault 2011 World Team Finals



Is this vault Amanar-able?


With some work, I think it is.  Although Ponor has always had some form breaks on her vaults, one thing she has always been able to do is develop excellent rotation off the table.  This is why her Yurchenko 1 ½ is always so good and why her DTY tends to overrotate.  This was probably the biggest vault I’ve ever seen her do, and although she’ll need to tighten up to help speed up her twist, I think she’s the most capable gymnast in Romania of learning an Amanar for next year.


If Sandra Izbasa could also learn a Cheng (Yurchenko ½ on, layout front with 1 ½ twists off), that would boost Romania’s vault score tremendously.  Check out how easily Izbasa performs a laid-out Podkopayeva:


Sandra Izbasa Vault 2011 European Championships Event Finals



She may need a little more height, but what do you think…Cheng-able?

Thanks to chinesegym1 and m1a2r3i4n5e for the videos!