Some amazing Chinese men’s floor routines from the Chinese Nationals Event Finals:

Zou Kai Floor 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals

Still got it!  It will be interesting to see if they leave him off the world team this year like they did last year…I’m guessing they don’t.

Du Wei Floor 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals

Unfortunately I think he’s been taking pointers from Zou Kai with regards to presentation and transitional skills, but he makes that tumbling look effortless.  Stuck laid out double-double for the second pass, like it’s nothing!

Unknown Floor 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals

Despite his unfortunate carpet burn in the middle of that set, THIS is the type of presentation I like.  Everything looks sharp and elegant – a beautiful tumbler.

And for your enjoyment, a clip from the all-around:

Liang Mengsheng Vault 2011 Chinese Nationals All-Around


Thanks to Komova2012 and chinesegym1 for these videos!