Some random crazy videos…thanks wtfgymnasticsvideos (we’ll pretend we don’t know what wtf stands for…)


This youtube user has lots of great gymnastics clips, ranging from super cool skills to super scary crashes.  I’ll post just a few of my favorites (among the more tasteful ones) here:


Tatiana Gutsu Uneven Bars


Not sure when this video was taken, but crazy to see the 1992 Olympic All-Around Champion doing something unique we’ve never seen before…quite a cool way to get from the low bar to the high bar!



Sergei Kharkov High Bar

Incredible!  The only gymnast I’ve ever seen connect a Covacs to a Tcatchev, and he gets enough turnover to connect more releases out of it – fantastic!!!

Natalia Kalinina Balance Beam

The next time you start to get mad at your Level 5 gymnast for doing something so silly, go back and watch this video of Soviet world team member and Goodwill Games all-around champion Natalia Kalinina. Can’t even imagine what her coach had to say after that one…


Latvian gymnast High Bar


Awesome stuff!!  Never seen a gymnast do a Gienger out of German giants – super cool!

Melinda Baimbridge Balance Beam

Melinda Baimbridge was a super talent who kind of just disappeared. Never, ever seen this sequence done before by any gymnast.  Not sure if she ever competed this again, but what a brilliant and gutsy sequence!