Viachaslav Kruilov High Bar


Sweet!  Now THAT is a jam to handstand! Probably the best one ever done in fact, not to mention the unique jam out the back door into German giant at the beginning.

Shannay Gentles Balance Beam


I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth watching again.  Never even really seen a “Manna” done by a female before, and this outrageous skill takes it to a whole new level.

Lee Joo Huang Parallel Bars


Truly a high bar sequence done on parallel bars!

Dive Roll on Balance Beam

I’ve often wondered why this skill hasn’t been done on beam before, and there you go!  Haven’t seen it done since though.

Boris Preti High Bar



We’ve seen gymnasts catch with one arm by accident because when they can’t get the other hand on, but this one definitely appears deliberate…quite ambitious!



Again, thanks to wtfgymnasticsvideos for providing these videos!