I just returned from an amazing week at Flip Fest Gymnastics Camp in Crossville, TN.  I have been friends and teammates with John Roethlisberger and John Macready for many years, so knowing them like I do, I never had any doubt that they would be successful with Flip Fest.  However, I was completely impressed with how much they have done in only a few years with their 150 acres of land (32 acres of which is a gorgeous private lake).  John and John have an uncanny ability of integrating their unique humor within the gymnastics camp that not only motivates every camper to work harder at gymnastics, but also truly gives them a week-long experience that they will remember forever.

To me, the most impressive aspect of the camp is the approach that John and John take in dealing with the coaching staff and communicating to every coach that this is their opportunity to make a difference in each kid’s life.  Roethlisberger was always the team leader on every team I was on with him, and last week was a reminder of why he was such a motivational force in my gymnastics career.  His genuine passion for striving to be the best and make the most of every opportunity and challenge that we face in life motivates the staff, the kids, the parents and everyone around him to do more and BE more than you ever thought possible.  Macready’s work ethic, hilarious wit and generosity with the campers and staff ensures that everyone involved feels welcome, comfortable and eager to return again the following year.

I can honestly say that my week at Flip Fest with John and John was the best gymnastics camp experience I’ve ever had.  The coaching never felt like work to me …. just a week-long trip to a beautiful location, hanging out with friends that I cherish and helping kids learn a sport that I love.

If you’re looking for a Summer Gymnastics Camp, sign up with Flip Fest and get ready for the ultimate gymnastics fun!

Jay Thornton