Some awesome men’s videos from 2009!

It’s time we take a look at some of the men’s gymnastics that has been going on around the world this year. In general, it seems that the international men’s field is FAR, FAR deeper than the women’s field. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems to me that the level of gymnastics on the men’s side has just risen astronomically in the last few years. We’re seeing ridiculous tumbling passes on floor, and twice as many of them in a routine. The strength on rings has risen to an almost inhuman level, vaults are out-of-this-world, and all of the release elements on p-bars – which used to be considered difficult – are now as commonplace as double pike dismounts. And remember when a Kolman on high bar used to be a big deal?
And all of the men’s vault finalists in international meets are doing two top-notch vaults nowadays – handspring double fronts (or with a half) plus a Tsuk double pike used to be the exception…now they’re the rule. And it’s actually competitive to get in men’s vault finals. On the women’s side, they’re practically pulling people from the audience to come down and show two different vaults!
So what’s going on here? Why does it seem that the men have adapted to the new code of points so much better than the women? I’m not sure exactly why yet, but it just seems as though the men have tackled the challenge more aggressively. I’d love to hear anyone’s comments on why this trend seems to be taking place.
Here are a few men’s videos this year that particularly struck my attention. Check ‘em out!
Ri Se Gwang Vault 2009 Glasgow
Holy Cow! Did you know this vault was actually done this year? I believe he’s the first to do it if I’m not mistaken. The crazy thing is he doesn’t even seem to run full blast for it! His Tsuk double pike is also a really nice one – he actually points his toes in the air This guy may very well be the one to beat at worlds this year.
Yosuke Hoshi PB 2009
He may have the best technique in the world on his peach skills – perfectly straight arms and not even a form break on the peach full…beautiful!
Dannell Leyva HB 2009
And here’s one of America’s newest sensations…only 17 years old! Does Dannell Leyva have the best jam in the world? I think he might. Not only does he go straight through the handstand on all of them, but he drops completely from the handstand as well. Most gymnasts have a slight angle before they drop in, but his really stand out. That last jam was absolutely awesome! Overall he’s coming along just as most of us were expecting.
Dannell Leyva PB 2009 Winter Cup
I think we can excuse the form break on the peach full, considering he’s only 17, don’t you think? You can certainly see his world class abilities here as well. All of his diamidov skills in particular are among the best I have ever seen. We’ll continue to keep our eyes on this guy.
Stay tuned…more impressive videos still to come!