Bobby Baker Floor Exercise 2013 Men’s National Qualifier

Seventeen-year-old junior gymnast Bobby Baker of Aerial Gymnastics in Lemont, IL may be the only gymnast in the world competing a full twisting double front on floor exercise.  He did throw the skill on both days of this year’s Winter Cup as well, but fell short the first day and then overrotated and put his hands down the second day.  He also fell short on the skill at this year’s Metroplex Challenge but I’m not sure how many other times he’s thrown it in competition.   Is the men’s national qualifier the first time this skill has been competed successfully?  I can’t say for sure, but I do know that I’ve never seen it done.  It’s listed in the code of points as an “E” element but doesn’t have a name listed beside it.

This routine scored a 5.8 + 8.6 = 14.4.  Bobby finished 14th overall at the qualifier with an 80.25.

He makes this very difficult and innovative skill look remarkably easy – but I wouldn’t be too easily fooled.  He also does a beautiful handspring front double pike for his 5th pass – and makes the triple full dismount look like a double.  He definitely appears to be a rising star – we’ll look forward to more!