Jesolo videos!

You may have heard by now about the results of the recent Trophy Jesolo competition in Jesolo, Italy, but I’ve just found some videos up in the last couple of days. Here’s a look at some of the highlights I’ve come across so far:

Kytra Hunter Floor 2010 Jesolo

Awesome tumbling as always from Kytra. I love the full twisting double layout, which she actually does quite easily…could Kytra become the first female ever to perform a laid-out double double on floor? I believe she could do it. I still don’t like the 1 ½ to front full and don’t think I ever will! What a waste of a pass.

Tatiana Nabieva Bars 2010 Jesolo

She’s a sure bet for the Russian world team this year. This routine scored a very strong 15.15 (6.5 D-Score), despite not being her best. I just love her look on this event, and time and time again she is showing she can hit consistently here. A strange leg split going into the dismount, but the rest was great.

Ksenia Semenova Bars 2010 Jesolo

I’m not sure if she’ll ever regain her old form on this event again. I considered her an AWESOME bar worker in 2007, 2008, and early 2009, but ever since then she has really plummeted here…she does still show some very good handstands, but no more piked stalder combinations (which costs her tons in difficulty), and just not as dynamic as she used to be. This routine scored a mediocre 14.1 (5.9 D-Score).

Ksenia Semenova Beam 2010 Jesolo

One great thing about Semenova is that no matter what kind of shape she is in, she ALWAYS seems to manage to hit beam. She is still very strong here and connects her combinations quite well. This routine equaled her uneven bars score of 14.1…obviously the big wobble on the switch leap didn’t help.

Ksenia Semenova Vault 2010 Jesolo

While her uneven bars work has gone down considerably, her vault has gotten a little stronger. This was the first time I’ve ever seen her stick this, and probably the first time I could almost envision a double full here. If she hopes to get back into all-around contention on the world level, there’s no way around her upgrading this vault.

Mackenzie Caquatto Beam 2010 Jesolo

Solid routine for Caquatto. She’s a very strong all-around gymnast, although bars is certainly her best. I’d love to see her bars from this meet, and if I find it I’ll post it. That event is the real reason why she’ll still be one to look for when the world team selection process rolls around in the fall.

Elisabetta Preziosa Beam 2010 Jesolo

Awesome flexibility! You may remember she was a beam finalist at the 2009 world championships…and you can see why. I love the mount as well as the side aerial to immediate front scale. This routine scored a 14.15, and she scored a 55.15 in the all-around here to place 8th.

Amanda Jetter Floor 2010 Jesolo

Pretty solid routine…scored just a 13.8 but you can see she has some good skills to work with. I must say the 1 ½ to rudi looks MUCH better than a 1 ½ to front full that so many of the girls are doing.

I’ll be sure and post more videos as I find them, along with some of the junior videos from the same meet!