WHAT!!??  How did I miss this???

Granted this video is only a week old, but I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even heard that Kohei Uchimura was doing a triple twisting double back on the floor.  Not that it surprises me, but after watching it, I’m even more convinced he is quickly becoming one of the very best gymnasts of all time.

Feast your eyes on this!!!

(The first one he does is on a tumble track, but keep watching…)

Kohei Uchimura Triple Twisting Double Back on Floor

Unreal!!!  It’s not just the fact that he makes it…he does it with absolute perfect form, it’s practically stuck, and he approaches it so casually that you’d think he was doing a simple double back!

The only other gymnasts I know who have competed this skill are Justin Spring and Ri Jong Song.  Is there anyone else I’m missing?

Ri Jong Song Floor 2004 Olympics

Many of us remember him doing the triple-double, but it’s easy to forget that he actually dismounted with a laid-out double-double!!!  I would be pretty confident in saying he’s the only gymnast to ever compete that as a last pass.

Justin Spring Triple Twisting Double Back on Floor

I don’t believe Uchimura has actually competed this yet, but I’m sure that’s coming very soon…certainly at the 2010 Worlds I would think, if not before.