This was just put up today.

She’s now added the wolf jump after the punch front, which she does very, very well and which now gives her 0.1 in connection under the 2013 code of points.

I do think that overall this routine is a little choppier than the one she competed last year – lots of individual skills without many combinations. She’s not using the switch ring leap either – a valuable skill she used to use in a connection. And I hate to be harsh, but why on earth does she always spin so hard for that simple full turn? She turns as if she’s going for a double or triple and then always has to stop herself – usually wobbling slightly. That’s a strange habit that I’m surprised they haven’t fixed. But there’s no question that she still has that same light, calm demeanor about her that helped land her a spot on the Olympic team. A confident, clean routine should go a long way this early in the cycle.

Assuming that Kyla is planning to compete all four events tonight, I’m anticipating an intriguing all-round battle between her and Simone Biles. Simone is the flashy trickster with a much higher overall difficulty score, while Kyla is the clean, steady, consistent one who now has Olympic experience.

It will be very interesting to see who comes out on top tonight.