McKenzie Wofford Bars 2012 Houston National Invitational



McKenzie Wofford Beam 2012 Houston National Invitational



This girl always seems to hide from the mainstream gymnastics community.  She quietly became a dark-horse contender for last year’s world team with a fantastic showing at the U.S. Classic, and then just as quietly dropped out of the Visa Championships – apparently due to a foot injury.  I really don’t know much about her current status and plans to try for the Olympic team, but from the routines shown above, she still looks quite good on her specialties.  I love her line and toe point on bars, and her overall swing is among the very best in the country right now.  And despite that fall off beam on a very difficult aerial to layout stepout, she is obviously the real deal on that event as well.  In case you never saw her stunning routine from the 2011 U.S. Classic, here it is:


McKenzie Wofford Bars 2011 U.S. Classic



With no world championship experience, and a tremendously deep field of veterans to contend with, it would seem unlikely that Wofford could contend for a spot on this year’s Olympic team.  But could she at least make it to the Olympic Trials?  I could see that happening…if she plans to make a run for it, that is.



Steve Legendre High Bar 2012 Houston National Invitational



Steve actually won the all-around here with a vey strong 90.45.  This routine scored a 15.2.  I’m still very impressed with how consistent he has become on not only his specialties, but on nearly every single event.  Three world championships have obviously done wonders for his confidence.  He’s still on the bubble in terms of making this Olympic team, but I have few doubts that if he gets the call for London, he’ll be ready to go and hit.