I don’t have any videos yet, but just wanted to make sure everyone knew that the first session of the Men’s Winter Cup is taking place right now, and live scoring can be followed at http://live.usagym.org.  Paul Hamm is competing, as is Jonathan Horton (it appears on just one event), as well as Chris Brooks, Steve Legendre, Jake Dalton, Brandon Wynn, Alex Naddour, and others.  They are currently in the middle of the 5th rotation.  The second session of the men’s prelims will take place tonight.


Although I don’t have routine details yet, here are some noteworthy scores (both bad and good) that I’ve seen so far, with still 1 ½ rotations to go:


Glen Ishino: 15.65 on pommel horse, HOLY MACKEREL!!!  The breakdown was 6.7, 8.95.  That’s the score of the meet in my opinion, significant enough to suddenly put him right in the Olympic mix.  He also had a solid 14.4 on floor.


Paul Hamm: 13.05 on pommel horse (5.9, 7.15), 15.4 on vault (6.0, 9.5 with -0.1 neutral deduction), 13.4 on parallel bars (6.0, 7.4)


Chris Brooks:  Appears to be doing a fantastic job: 12.8 on pommel horse, 14.7 on rings (6.2, 8.5), 15.85 on vault, 16.0 on parallalel bars, 15.4 on high bar.  This bodes very well for this bubble gymnast, particularly considering that rings score is stronger than we’ve seen from him in the past and could be used by Team USA.


Jonathan Horton: 12.25 on pommel horse, did not compete rings as was initially announced


Brandon Wynn: 14.95 on parallel bars, 14.4 on high bar, 13.55 on floor, 13.15 on pommel horse, 15.35 on rings.  Decent scores, but probably doesn’t change his status much right now.  He’ll want to boost that rings score up closer to a 16.0.


Steve Legendre: 15.9 on vault, 14.1 on parallel bars, 16.0 on floor, 13.05 on pommel horse.  Strong scores on the leg events, as usual.


Jake Dalton: 14.9 on parallel bars (6.3, 8.6), the only event he has competed.


Alex Naddour: 12.95 on pommel horse (6.3, 6.65); not what he was looking for at all.


RJ Heflin: 14.65 on pommel horse (very impressive), 14.85 on parallel bars.


Donothan Bailey: 14.35 on pommel horse (6.1, 8.25)


Alex Buscaglia: 16.05 on vault



I’ll post a prelims wrap-up and thoughts after the competition concludes tonight!