We love obstacles with moving parts. We also love adding in unique design features to give our obstacles a a fresh and professional look. You’ve put a lot of time and money in to your gym, shouldn’t you hang elements that make it look good? Yes!

The Boomerang is one of our more recent obstacles that we have created. I would say it is a combination of a lache bar and inclined tilting ladder and of course it is shaped like a boomerang – hence the name. This obstacle loads of fun and presents a number of challenges. The obstacle is design so that it rests in a position where the first rung is on the low side and the second is elevated a few feet. This means your first move is a nifty little lache up to the next rung. It’s not over once you catch that next rung as the obstacle will now start a fast tilt towards the provided stops – hang on and enjoy the ride!

If I had to put this item on the 1 – 10 difficulty scale, I would place it between a 6 and 7 as The Boomerang is geared more towards that intermediate level ninja.

The obstacle is primarily made of steel with the “boomerang” steel pieces sandwiching a dense plastic. We designed the top bracket pieces to allow you to attach the element to 2″ or 3″ crossbars. However, we can customize to suit your needs.

Here is a little animation of the boomerang showing it’s range of motion:

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