Sui Lu Beam 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals

1st place



Zeng Siqi Beam 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals


2nd place


Zhang Yelinzi Beam 2011 Chinese Nationals Event


3rd place


Lou Nina Beam 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals


4th place


Deng Linlin Beam 2011 Chinese Nationals Event Finals


6th place


I’d say Sui Lu has become the unofficial MVP of the Chinese women’s team this quadrennial.  After missing out on an Olympic team spot in 2008, she’s developed into a mature, consistent, confident, and reliable competitor with one of the very best floor and beam routines in the entire world.  In fact, the routine she showed here at this competition may be the best beam routine performed by ANYONE over the last three years.  World class difficulty, absolutely no wobbles, and a stuck dismount…that routine’s got “World Beam Champion” written all over it.


Sui Lu also went on to win floor at that competition, but she did an even better routine at the Japan Cup in July:


Sui Lu Floor 2011 Japan Cup



She added a jump out of the whip triple full, upgraded her two connection passes to the ones she did in 2008, and showed great turns and choreography.  Consistent with today’s outrageous judging of execution, she received 1.3 in deductions.  But this routine is also world champion worthy in my book.


Deng Linlin is not a lock for the world or Olympic team.  She did nail the layout full on beam here, but we’ve seen her look less than her best on more than one occasion this year.  With several other strong beam workers and more powerful tumblers and vaulters than Deng in China right now, she’s going to have to hold on tightly to keep that spot.