To learn this uneven bar release the gymnasts first must develop powerful and consistent free hips to handstand. Still – The shoulder angle opening becomes a dynamic body throw as the bent wrists straighten while the hands release the rail. Still 2 – Notice how the wrists shift is combined with letting go of the bar so the body weight never settles on top of the rail which will kill the flying momentum. Still 3 – During the release initiation the center of mass must be on the side of the low bar closer to the upper rail. Notice also how the visual contact is already established at this point. Still 4 – And continuous through the whole flying phase. The amount of piking when swinging down should be just enough for the feet to clear the low rail. 2nd clip – This gymnast is still in the process of refining the skill and needs some improvement on her flying phase to diminish the amount of pike down. Check another one of her shaposnikova examples where she is also practicing shoot over timers in preparation to combine both skills.