Below is a link to an article from the Journal Sentinel online, out of Milwaukee.  In it is a video of Chellsie Memmel training most of her beam routine during a workout:


Article and Video of Chellsie Memmel Training Beam


Could Chellsie be fooling us all again?


She’s had two shoulder surgeries since we last saw her compete at the 2011 Visa U.S. Championships last August – one to repair a torn right biceps tendon, and one to clean out debris from the same shoulder.


The U.S. is in need of a third gymnast for London on both bars and beam, which just so happen to be Chellsie Memmel’s best events.  She’s also potentially a great floor worker, and the U.S. would certainly welcome another reliable strong score there as well.  It’s tough to say how Chellsie’s shoulder is holding up on bars, and what type of skills and start value she plans on competing at the upcoming “Secret” U.S. Classic in Chicago, which will takes place in two weeks.


These beam skills are mighty impressive, and look very similar to the same Chellsie Memmel who shocked us all at the U.S. Classic and U.S. Championships last year.  Chellsie was likely a shoo-in for the 2011 world team before she dropped off bars on her final event of the U.S. Championships after feeling a twinge in her arm.


She has shocked us with her comeback abilities and competitive toughness time and time again, and she’s proven repeatedly that she’s one of the best competitors the U.S. has ever had.  Olympic fortune has never been on her side, but she’s decided to press her luck just one last time.  Will Chellsie’s comeback end as just a valiant effort, or with a last-minute surprise Olympic berth in London?


We’ll soon know.  Don’t count out Chellsie Memmel.