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Front Hip Circle Alone Arm and Leg Actions Close Up

Though this is not a perfect front hip circle example, notice how the gymnast raises her center of mass forward to begin falling down without changing her body position. Then, when gravity starts to accelerate her fall, she pikes slightly to add some extra circular momentum while keeping pressure on the legs to allow them from moving away from the bar even at the moment that she briefly lets go of the bar to shift her grip around to prepare the hands arrival to a full support.

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Back Handspring Spot No Arm Swings

Starting to teach back handsprings without arm swings may help the gymnasts to get used to keeping the arms closer to the head in the early learning stages plus it can save the coach a couple of face slaps. Place the gymnast on a position as if they were coming from a round off or another back handspring.

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Back Handspring Spot with Arm Swing

Once we are relatively sure that the gymnast is not going to throw the arms out too open we can add the arms swing to their spotted back handsprings. This gymnast is trying to master a hollow turn over second flying phase instead of just piking it down. Coaches may use every training opportunity to help establish good posture habits like standing up with stomach area in and buttocks tucked in too.

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