Dmitrios Tsolakidis (GRE) Parallel Bars 2012 European Championships Qualifications


Tied for 2nd with a 15.233 (6.5, 8.733).  Almost 1.3 in deductions?  The always impeccable Mitja Petkovsek (SLO) was first with a 15.366 (6.2, 9.166)


Tsolakidis has the best front uprises I’ve ever seen – and has for years.  Those somewhat odd-looking skills are a front uprise to diamidov 1 ½, a front uprise to diamidov, and a front uprise to Makuts.  Notice the extension on the front uprise before the front double pike to upper arms – unbelievable!  Some of those skills might not look quite as spectacular as all of the high-flying release elements we see so often nowadays, but they’re incredibly difficult and also extremely valuable in the code of points.  Very few gymnasts have been able to follow this potentially exciting trend of skills on parallel bars.