TRX Suspension TrainerI’m excited to announce that you can now get the TRX Suspension Trainers at American Gymnast! I first heard about the TRX when we had a couple of customers call us looking for the product.  I did a little research about it and then, coincidentally, the local fitness gym where I work out got one in that same week, so I started playing around with it.  The more I started using it, the more I liked it.  For some exercises, like butterfly presses, it’s not much different than using a set of low rings, except that there is one attachment point overhead instead of two.  However, by utilizing the foot cradles you can also get a great workout in your core, glutes, and even your planche position strength.

I think this product is a great supplement for your next gymnastics strength or cross-fit workout.  Watch the following promo video to see some innovative conditioning exercises you can do with the TRX Suspension Trainer.  To purchase TRX, go here>>