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One Major Thing That Might be Harming Your Athletic Performance

There are a number of factors that determine how on top of your game you will be while at practice or in competition. Some days you will notice you feel [...]

American Gymnast Adds Strength and Fitness Product Line

American Gymnast is excited to announce its new Strength and Fitness concept at, featuring an entire product line for general fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight strength training. From it’s inception, American Gymnast has been an industry leader in promoting gymnastics exercises and products that utilize bodyweight for strength development and emphasize core conditioning.

TRX Training Product Line

I started using TRX recently, and the more I started using it, the more I liked it. For some exercises, like butterfly presses, it's not much different than using a set of low rings, except that there is one attachment point overhead instead of two. However, by utilizing the foot cradles you can also get a great workout in your core, glutes, and even your planche position strength.

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September Savings on Strength

For the month of September, our most popular Strength and Conditioning products are 15% off. These include our GymABstics Fitness Program DVDs, the American Gymnast Parallettes, and the American Gymnast Travellettes. Plus, when you order our Parallettes or Travellettes, you’ll automatically receive our Parallette Training Guide as a free download! Special Offer expires Sep 30, 2010 or while supplies last!

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